Carnahan-Daugherty New Residence Hall

Project Description

This project involved the construction of a new 32,000 square foot Carnahan-Daugherty Hall. The new residence hall is a three-story structure with the upper two floors constructed for a capacity of 200 young men and the first floor an academic space with six large classrooms. The project was completed in April 2017.
Our relationship with The Walker Company has been nothing short of exceptional.I believe what has made our experience with them great is the people with whom we have worked.Everyone within The Walker Company has been professional, positive, knowledgeable, highly communicative, and sensitive to our mission and needs.As a matter of fact, we have been so pleased with the job The Walker Company has done with our 31,000 square foot boys' dormitory and classroom combination building that we did not hesitate to give them our upcoming girls' dormitory project.Our relationship and experience with CMW has also been tremendously positive.I would, without reservation, recommend The Walker Company and CMW to anyone with construction needs.

In His Service,

Larry A. Gritton, Jr., MA Ed.

Project Details

Project Completion Date:



Oneida, Kentucky


Oneida Baptist Institute

Project Date:

June 27, 2019

Construction Cost: